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Fair Housing Policy

The Civil Rights Act of 1968, fheo50a1a.gif (1462 bytes)as amended by the Fair Housing Amendment Act of 1988, provides civil rights protection to applicants and tenants of rented or leased housing and purchasers of residential dwelling units. These rights are also included in Chapter 515. Hawaii Revised Statues which further expands the protection provided by State law.

Together, Federal and State laws, prohibit housing discrimination based on a person's RACE, COLOR, RELIGION, ANCESTRY/NATIONAL ORIGIN, SEX, FAMILIAL STATUS, PHYSICAL OR MENTAL DISABILITY, MARITAL STATUS, AGE,  HIV INFECTION OR SEXUAL ORIENTATION AND GENDER IDENTITY. These are called the "protected classes."

The Hawaii Public Housing Authority will not use the fact that you or any person in your household is a member of a protected class as a reason to:

1. Print, circulate, post, mail or cause to be published any statements, advertising or sign, which indicates, directly or indirectly, an intent to discriminate in any rental transaction

2. Represent that the dwelling unit is not available for inspection, sale, rent or lease, when in fact, it is available.

3. Refuse to allow a prospective buyer or renter to inspect the dwelling unit.

4. Refuse to accept or transmit a bona-fide offer to buy, rent or lease a dwelling unit.

5. Ask questions or use an application form containing questions that indicate, directly or indirectly, an intent to limit or discriminate in the tenant selection process.

6. Steer the applicant or buyer by stating or implying that they would be happier or more comfortable living somewhere else or in another neighborhood.

7. Communicate, through word or conduct, in an attempt to discourage the applicant or purchaser from applying for or accepting the dwelling unit.

8. State directly or imply that the applicant or buyer will not be considered in the selection process.

9. Require the applicant or buyer to meet different selection qualifications or subject their application to a different selection review than others.

10. Refuse to enter into a purchase, rent or lease agreement, if applicant or buyer is an otherwise qualified applicant.

11. Impose different terms, conditions or privileges in the use or furnishing of services or facilities connected with a dwelling unit.

12. Establish unreasonable house rules or rental terms or enforce the house rules or rental terms against only some residents and not equally against all residents.

13. Refuse to make reasonable accommodations in the rules, policies, practices or services when necessary to afford a disabled resident an equal opportunity to use and enjoy the dwelling, including public and common use areas.

14. Refuse to permit, at tenant's expense, reasonable modifications of the existing premises, if necessary, to afford a disabled tenant full enjoyment of the dwelling.


If you have any questions or require additional information about your fair housing rights, you may call the STATE FAIR HOUSING OFFICER at (808) 832-4680 or TDD (808) 832-6083.

If you believe that you have been, presently are or may be a victim of housing discrimination, you should call:

Hawaii State Civil Rights Commission

OAHU    (808) 586-8636

               TDD (808) 586-8692

Portions of this page were prepared with the assistance of the Honolulu Community Housing Resources Board.  The Hawaii Public Housing Authority disseminates this information to further fair housing opportunities in Hawaii.

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