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HUD Approved 2006 Public Housing Agency
5-Year (2005-2009) and Annual Plans

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As required by Section 511 of the Quality Housing and Work Responsibility Act of 1998 (24 CFR 903, Part II), the Hawaii Public Housing Authority has developed in conjunction with the Resident Advisory Board a preliminary draft of the Public Housing Agency (PHA) Fiscal Year 2006 U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), residents in federal public housing and tenant-based Section 8 rental assistance, and members of the public of the mission of the HPHA for serving the needs of low-income and very low-income families and our strategy for addressing those needs.   HUD has provided a standard format, which we have completed as a draft.Copies of the FY 2006 HPHA 5-Year (2005-2009) and Annual Plans are available for public viewing at the following regional libraries throughout the State:

  • Hawaii State Library (Hawaii Documents Center)
  • Kaimuki Public Library
  • Pearl City Library
  • Kaneohe Public Library
  • Kapolei Public Library
  • Hilo Public Library
  • Kailua-Kona Public Library
  • Lihue Public Library
  • Kahului Public Library
  • Waianae Public Library
  1. HUD Approval Letter
  2. FY 2006 5-Year (2005-2009) and Annual Plans
    1. Agency Identification and 5-Year Plan (2005-2009)
  1. Annual Plan
  1. Draft PHA Plan Attachments
  1. Admissions Policy for Deconcentration
  2. PHA Management Organizational Chart
  3. Progress Report on 5-Year Plan (2005-2009) Mission and Goals Accomplishments
  4. Section 8 Homeownership Program Capacity Statement
  5. Implementation of Public Housing Resident Community Service Requirements
  6. Pet Ownership Policy
  7. Resident Membership on PHA Governing Board
  8. Resident Advisory Board Membership
  9. Definition of "Substantial Deviation" and "Significant Amendment Or Modification"
  10. Public Housing Asset Management Statement or Table
  11. Deconcentration of Poverty and Income Mixing
  12. FFY 2006 Capital Fund Program
  13. Comments from the Resident Advisory Board
  14. Responses to Comments from the Resident Advisory Board and Statewide Public Hearings
  15. Required Initial Assessment
  16. Federal Project-Based Certificate/Voucher Program (Palolo Homes I and II)
  17. Resident Service and Satisfaction Survey Follow Up Plan
  1. 2006 PHA Plan Certificates

HUD Public And Indian Housing Notices and other informational documents pertaining to the PHA Plans: Link to HUD's PHA Plan Information Web Page.

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