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Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Landlord Information

Benefits of the Section 8 Program
- Guaranteed Rent
Hawaii Public Housing Authority (HPHA) pays a fixed amount of the rent to participant landlords each month. The tenant pays the difference between the subsidy and the total rent, in addition to any utilities not included in the rent.

- Free Inspections
HPHA will inspect your unit to ensure that it is safe, decent, and in good repair. The inspections meet the requirements of the requirements of HUD regulations and City and County of Honolulu ordinances.

- Free Listings
Participating landlords may list their rentals with HPHA.

- Helping Others in Need
Landlords experience the satisfaction of providing a place to live for low-income families while receiving a dependable source of income

HUD Information for Section 8 HCV Landlords

What do I need to do to have a home offered to a Section 8 family?
You should call the Section 8 Office at 808-832-6040 or email Your ad will be posted in the Application Office for the residents viewing.
HUD Information for Section 8 Landlords

Are there any unit price requirements?
Yes. The unit contract rent plus utilities must be within the HPHA payment standards and meet rent reasonableness. Fair market rents for your area are established by HUD by zip code. The HPHA then establishes a payment standard based on HUD’s fair market rents. The unit must also meet the test of rent reasonableness.
2020 Payment Standards

What is rent reasonableness?
The State is required to ensure that the unit rent is reasonable according to prevailing market conditions. HPHA must determine if the rent is reasonable or too high according to market conditions for units of similar size, features, and amenities in the same area. HPHA will choose two higher rents and one lower rent based on proximity to the subject property to compare rents.

Will my property have to meet certain physical requirements?
Yes. Your property will be inspected by a HPHA housing inspector to ensure that your home meets HUD's Housing Quality Standards. The unit must meet the county record assessments and meet standards for safe, decent, and sanitary.

For the COVID Emergency Lease in Place preference, landlords will be asked to assess the Applicant’s unit and certify that there are no life-threatening deficiencies or conditions in the unit. HQS inspectors will follow up no later than one year from the landlord’s certification date to complete a housing inspection.

What are Life-Threatening Conditions?
The following are considered life threatening conditions:
- Major plumbing leaks or flooding
- Waterlogged Ceiling or Floor in Imminent Danger of Falling
- Natural or LP Gas Leak or Fuel Oil Leak
- Any Electrical Problem or condition that could result in shock or fire
- Absence of a working heating system when outside temperature is below 60 degrees Fahrenheit.
- Utilities not in service
- No running hot water
- Conditions that present the imminent possibility of injury
- Obstacles that prevent safe entrance or exit from the unit
- Absence of a functioning toilet in the unit
- Inoperable smoke detectors
Several Common Conditions Why the HQS Inspection Would Fail

What if the unit I am renting has some small non-life-threatening issues that need repair? Can my tenant still qualify?
Yes. The unit will still qualify if there is a non-life-threatening issue that needs to be corrected. When the HQS Inspection takes place, the inspector will confirm any life-threatening or non-life-threatening deficiencies in the unit. You will have up to 30 days to make the correction once identified by the inspector. We encourage you to use the information in the link above to assess your unit and identify issues that need correcting in advance.

How do I apply for the landlord incentive program?
If the participant’s unit fails its HQS Inspection, you will receive an Incentive Program form with the determined amount of gift card funding you are eligible to receive. You will be required to complete the form and return it to the Section 8 Office to receive the incentive.

Who do I call if I have problems with a tenant?
As a landlord or an owner of the property, the lease you have with your tenant is between you and your tenant. You should resolve issues with your tenant according to the terms of your lease. As the HPHA is not a party to your lease, we do not generally get involved. However, you may contact the Section 8 staff for assistance at 808-832-6040 or email if you have questions about a specific issue.

Does Chapter 521 Residential Landlord - Tenant Code of the Hawaii Revised Statutes apply to Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher rentals in terms of eviction of a tenant?
Yes. You can go to for more detail information on the code. For other residential tenant - landlord code related information, you can call 808-586-2634 or email



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