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Choice Neighborhoods is a new HUD initiative focused on developing a comprehensive approach to neighborhood transformation and revitalization.   Beyond just addressing severely distressed public housing, which was the goal of the very successful HOPE VI program, the Choice Neighborhoods initiative  seeks to address the distressed neighborhoods around these developments by also targeting other assisted and vacant housing in the community and investing in people and neighborhood assets.    


Toward this end, HUD has identified three goals for the program and where to direct resources:

§  Housing – transform severely distress public and/or assisted housing (Kuhio Homes and KPT Low Rises) into energy-efficient, mixed- income housing that is financially and physically viable over the long term.  Implementation typically requires an experienced housing developer.


§  People – support positive outcomes for both the public/assisted housing residents and the surrounding neighborhood with a focus on health, safety, employment, mobility and education. HUD encourages the grant recipients to work with the educational institutions and providers in the community to develop a comprehensive cradle to college educational delivery system including early childhood learning, schools, and other educational programs.


§  Neighborhood – transform poverty neighborhoods into viable, mixed-income communities with access to well-functioning services, high quality public schools and education programs, high quality early learning programs and services, public assets, public transportation and improved access to jobs.  A key goal is to coordinate the investment by public and private institutions in the community to leverage each other’s investments and contribute to the revitalization of the area. 



The goal is to transform communities as well as the lives of residents.


In 2010, the first year of the Choice Neighborhoods Initiative, Congress authorized $3 million for planning grants and $62 million for implementation grants.  In 2011, HUD made $3.6 million available for planning grants.  In 2012, HUD made $5 million available for planning grants and $110 million for implementation grants.  Recipients of Choice Neighborhoods Planning Grants have a two-year planning period to develop a thoughtful and thorough comprehensive “transformation” plan for the targeted neighborhood and housing development.   Planning Grant recipients will then have the opportunity to apply for an Implementation Grant to make the “transformation” plan a reality. 



CNI Kuhio Park presentation to the Kalihi Valley Neighborhood Board #16 on 5/8/13


Kuhio Park Schedule - 02/06/13

Choice Neighborhoods Initiative

CNI Fact Sheet-revised

CNI Community Meeting 2 - March 13 2013_KPT

Community Meeting Agenda - March 14 2013


CNI Flow Chart - Education 04/05/13

CNI Task Force Mtg AGENDA April Education

CNI Task Force Mtg AGENDA March People Education - FINAL

CNI Task Force Mtg AGENDA May Education

EducationTF meeting minutes- April 2013


Pages from NB 16 Agenda - Meeting Minutes - CNI Kuhio Park Presentation only.pdf


Annotated Outline - Kuhio Park 10/10/13

Kuhio Park LRand Homes Presentation



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Revised Draft - Kuhio Park Charrette Report (07/29/14 - 265mb)

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